New Large Paintings

This series is my response to historical approaches to portraiture, reflecting my fascination with the many different dialects of the language of painting. Each painting is a kind of portrait, or a picture of the aura of an archetype.

"Chapel Americana" Masonry, vintage coffee mugs, Christmas lights, muslin, wood and oil paint on fourteen panels. 13 feet by 17 feet by 14 feet. (This view is looking north with a montaged view of the north, west, and east walls)  2006-10.

"Chapel Americana" was a nondenominational meditative space that was located in my former studio in the old Artkraft Strauss billboard factory on 57th Street in Manhattan. The north wall was masonry with built-in lighting fixtures, and was the Chapel's light source; the south, west, and east walls were composed of a cycle of abstract paintings whose value structure interacts mysteriously with the light of the illuminated masonry wall. Below is a video produced by Jennifer Hsu and Carolina Miranda of WNYC.

Many of the works shown on this website are made possible in part through a generous Chashama artist-in-residence subsidized space grant (2004-08).