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Other Artists   Lauren Weinstein's Fabulous Cartoons   A Great Cityscape Painter   Paintings set in the Silent Film and Old 42nd Street era, with film stars and heavy metal heroes   Richly pigmented, sensually imagined Contemporary Expressionist paintings and drawings   Kristin Anderson: a combination of elegance, sophistication and sensitivity in Conceptual Art and Video

Music!    Some of the most entertaining live rock shows I've ever seen--reminiscent of the raw energies of early New Wave performances (think Devo, Talking Heads, Captain Beefheart); like a wild and crazy religious revival   Gypsy Punk: if you love Gypsy (or Brooklyn) culture, and you love punk music, this is the best thing for you!

New York City Cultural Organizations    Flaming Fire's Bible Illustration Project    Metropolitan Museum of Art    New York City Ballet    Carnegie Hall    Metropolitan Opera    Anthology Film Archives    Lincoln Center    American Museum of the Moving Image    Film Forum    The Frick Collection    Attention artists! This organization provides grants of space for all types of creative people. Frequent opportunities!

Yoga    Master Yoga instructor and New York City Ballet Workout guru Kate Solmssen's website

Birdwatching    Renowned birder Ken Allaire's travel and birding site

Theatrical Lighting Design

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