Critical Response

"There is something incredibly tranquil about [Chapel Americana]. Step into it and the belligerent sound of traffic immediately recedes. The eye is immediately drawn to the wall of light he has created with cinder blocks and light bulbs. But hang out for a bit and the details begin to emerge: the abstract patterns on the walls, the individual logos on the vintage mugs, the cool colors on the wall immediately outside. It is a jewel box of tranquility made more special by the fact that few people ever knew it was there. And very soon, it no longer will be." Carolina Miranda, Gallerina, (WNYC arts blog), August 3, 2010 (New York, NY). Link:

"One of his most notable works was a walk-in painted installation in New York City, known as Chapel Americana. Inspired by the meditation caves on the isle of Crete, Chapel Americana was a building within a building, erected in a warehouse on 57th Street, near the West Side Highway. Almost as soon as it was built, it was deconstructed." Laura Knowles, Entertainment Lancaster (Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era), October 15, 2010 (Lancaster, PA)

"The paintings...reflect personal, social and spiritual aspects...especially a piece called Saint's Place." Stephen Kopfinger, Sunday News, October 17, 2010 (Lancaster, PA)

"Of the four short videos presented, I was most impressed by repeat exhibitor Dean Radinovsky's "To Build a Fire," in which he filmed the close-up profile of a woman's face....Recorded under varying speeds with stark backlighting, it made for interesting viewing." Ron Schira, Reading Eagle, June 27, 2010 (Reading, PA)

"For "Chapel Prototype," New York artist Dean Radinovsky took a pair of concrete slabs and held them apart with a waxy glob of gelatinized wood glue. This work was interesting for its use of industrial non-art store material to give off a beautifully smooth but perplexing amber glow while causing the same doubtfulness of what exactly the said material is. These works kept you guessing."
Ron Schira, Reading Eagle, June 10, 2007 (Reading, PA)

"Working in oil, he...unites the natural and the urban world with an abstract vocabulary; branches, wind, earthiness, green, are all suggested by smooth brush strokes, a build-up of paint and smaller, quicker brush strokes in tones of grey for winter, blue for early spring, green for summer and brown for fall....  Random patterns of color and shape create highly individual works of infinite delicacy and emotional range."
Nicolette Ramirez, W: The New York Art World, September 2004 (New York, NY)

"His oil on linen compositions are shadowy and full of hidden meanings....[they] show an ability to see the spiritual in simple objects, like eggs, clouds and empty skies."
Carla Di Fonzo, Intelligencer Journal, October 4, 2002 (Lancaster, PA)

"...Dean Radinovsky's dark interior view...with soft coloring [is] so convincing you can almost smell that barn smell..."
Susan Lindt, Intelligencer Journal, September 6, 2002

"Radinovsky's use of color is masterful....His work offers tranquility and quiet reflection at a pace that allows the viewer to approach the art on a personal level...."
Laura Knowles, Intelligencer Journal, January 8, 1999

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